Naked Conversations

WHY THIS PODCAST? We know we're not alone in our desire for authentic conversations, outside the divisive din of mainstream media; and we think that meeting each other with more depth and compassion around difficult and everyday topics will move us beyond the old stories that have brought humanity to our current evolutionary brink. ~ Lisa Fitzhugh & Helen Lowe

10: Virus as InvitationListen now (71 min) | what can we learn from the challenges we're facing?
09: Finding a Place for Love in PoliticsListen now (50 min) | is there space for wholeness in public office?
08: Investing In What NourishesListen now (61 min) | contemplating our response-ability for co-creating a better world
07: Healing Our Masculine + FeminineListen now (59 min) | thoughts on the dynamic interplay of our polarities
06: Danger + Opportunity in PolarityListen now (59 min) | looking for meaning within our schisms
05: Essential Tools of Conscious CommunicationListen now (60 min) | a conversation about the skill and practice of real dialogue
04: Discernment as Reliable CompassListen now (50 min) | our thoughts on the mysterious art of knowing
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